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A Royal Asbestos Problem – The Cost of Asbestos Removal at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been undergoing some major refurbishment and asbestos removal in recent years which has cost a pretty penny… But just how much is that?

Estimates suggest that Buckingham Palace needs up to £150m spent on it to remove ‘significant amounts of asbestos’ and other updates. The Queen may even have to relocate while the work is undertaken due to reports that Buckingham Palace is crumbling. Needing new plumbing, wiring, redecorating and of course, asbestos removal, the work is thought to be quite extensive.

So how much will the asbestos removal cost the royals? In the past year, £300,000 has been spent on removing asbestos from the basement’s floor ducts.

One courtier is reported to have said: ‘All they’ve been doing in recent times is papering over the cracks. The place is awash with asbestos, which is enormously costly to remove. The £150m is just an estimate. After the Windsor fire we budgeted for £40m and it came in at £37m so you hope the estimate will come down.’

Additionally, 2012 was reported to have seen over £1m spent in removing asbestos from electric cabling ducts which resided under the floor of the south wing…

Some industry experts have suggested to remove all of the asbestos a 20-year programme will need to be implemented… That sounds pricey!

Luckily for most of us, we don’t live in palaces and we don’t need a royal income to have asbestos removed! TMS offers excellent surveys and asbestos management plans to make your environment safe. Every case is different, so give us a call and we’ll use our 25-year’s worth of experience to guide you and discuss your options.

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