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From the Stone Age to the Egyptians, Asbestos is Everywhere

Asbestos Uses and Health Links – From the Stone Age and Beyond

Asbestos is a natural product that’s been mined for years and still is in many countries, but it has a long history that might surprise you. Asbestos has been around since the Stone Age with archaeologists finding debris from 750,000 years ago. That means asbestos was present from around 4000 BC when the fibres were used for wicks in candles.

The Egyptians utilised asbestos to wrap deceased pharaohs in order to prevent the bodies breaking down in and around 2000-3000 BC. Meanwhile, in Finland, a lot of pottery contained asbestos fibres dating back to 2500 BC. Asbestos was a favoured ingredient as they strengthened the pots and made them fire resistant.

Despite asbestos being used for various causes over the years, we now know that it’s an extremely dangerous substance to be around. In 1897 an Austrian doctor linked asbestos dust and pulmonary issues together and in 1898 English manufacturers had begun to notice their workers had lung damage from asbestos dust.

Where is Asbestos in Your House?

Now asbestos is in a whole host of products such as cement, floor tiles, insulation, toilet seats, water tanks and many more. That’s why it’s important to make sure your environment’s as safe as it can be. Whether you own a residential or commercial residence, TMS will be able to undertake surveys to find hidden asbestos and help you to make your environments as safe as possible. For more information give one of our knowledgeable team members a call on: 07587 554 462.

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