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How Asbestos is used to Prove Superpowers Exist!

It’s been reported that the Roman Emperor Charlemagne fashioned an asbestos tablecloth in order to proclaim he had supernatural powers to barbarians. At dinner, Charlemagne attempted to demonstrate his supernatural powers to his guests by throwing his asbestos tablecloth into a fire before removing it without any burn marks.

Sorry Charlemagne, but we don’t believe you’ve got super powers!

Asbestos is flame retardant and Roman restaurants used it for tablecloths and napkins as they could be thrown into the flames to dispel any food debris and be placed back onto the table for the next customer…

Dinner anyone?

As asbestos is so heat resistant it’s used in common items like brake shoes and gaskets. It’s also been used in lots of British buildings for fireproofing.

However, although asbestos fibres can be woven into cloth-form and withstand some serious heat, it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible.

It can be cut or torn, but the heatproof nature of the fabric made it ideal for fire fighter uniforms. Weaving asbestos fibres into other textiles increased the strength of them and made them highly desirable for fire fighter jackets, and protective clothes for foundry workers.

However, when the fabric became old and worn or damaged in general wear and tear, the asbestos fibres were free to escape into the air, causing danger to the wearer.

Asbestos Survey’s in Cornwall and the South West

Nowadays we work tirelessly to ensure that asbestos is removed from our homes and businesses for our safety. Spencer and the TMS team undertake a host of asbestos surveys throughout the South West in order to find and expose asbestos, no matter how well it’s hidden.

Once the asbestos culprit has been located, measures can be taken to safely remove it and dispose of it legally.

You can read about Spencer’s recent Port Isaac survey, here.

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