Getting the Asbestos Facts Straight: What Exactly is Mesothelioma?

We all know that the side effects of asbestos can be scary—and even result in death, but why is that? With so much scaremongering present in the asbestos industry, we’re here to give you a light insight into some of the effects asbestos can have on the body so you know exactly what you’re dealing […]

How Asbestos is used to Prove Superpowers Exist!

It’s been reported that the Roman Emperor Charlemagne fashioned an asbestos tablecloth in order to proclaim he had supernatural powers to barbarians. At dinner, Charlemagne attempted to demonstrate his supernatural powers to his guests by throwing his asbestos tablecloth into a fire before removing it without any burn marks.

A Royal Asbestos Problem – The Cost of Asbestos Removal at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been undergoing some major refurbishment and asbestos removal in recent years which has cost a pretty penny… But just how much is that?

Spencer’s Surveys: Asbestos (and a Pasty) in Port Isaac

It all started on a Thursday morning; the rain was falling hard like hundreds of mini glass orbs—a typical Cornish summertime. I was asked to travel to Port Isaac, the place renowned to many for being the exciting home of Doc Martin. A local construction company had been forced to halt work on the prospect […]

Will the New Asbestos App Help to Keep you Safe?

A recent asbestos survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that electricians and electrical fitters might be closer to asbestos than they think…

From the Stone Age to the Egyptians, Asbestos is Everywhere

Asbestos Uses and Health Links – From the Stone Age and Beyond Asbestos is a natural product that’s been mined for years and still is in many countries, but it has a long history that might surprise you. Asbestos has been around since the Stone Age with archaeologists finding debris from 750,000 years ago. That […]

Five Unusual Asbestos Facts You Might Not Know

Asbestos Name Origin Asbestos, asbestos, asbestos—the word is used frequently in many different environments, but where did it come from? In the early 17th century the word asbestos came into existence. Formed from Greek and Latin origins roughly meaning ‘unquenchable’, the word came from philosophers. The name was given to reflect asbestos’ invincibility to heat that […]

Do I need to test for asbestos?

It’s a worry that many managers of pre-2000 buildings will face; how do I protect my staff and contractors from the dangers of asbestos whilst carrying out maintenance and repairs? It is your responsibility as building manager to make sure that anyone carrying out work on the building is aware of the risks. Although any […]

What materials could contain asbestos?

What materials could contain asbestos? Asbestos is only dangerous if the fibres are inhaled when they’re airborne. It can stay intact, in good condition for many years without posing a problem. That said, it’s good to be aware of where this potentially lethal material could be lurking so that you don’t unknowingly disturb it doing […]

Dispelling asbestos myths

Asbestos: the truth As we know, asbestos is scary stuff and prolonged exposure to the fibres can lead to fatal health problems. But media hype and high profile court cases have caused a lot of confusion over how best to deal with it. Below we look at some of the facts and myths surrounding asbestos […]