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Will the New Asbestos App Help to Keep you Safe?

A recent asbestos survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that electricians and electrical fitters might be closer to asbestos than they think…

Asbestos Myths Undone

It’s been found that electricians are likely to encounter the deadly asbestos over 70 times every year. There are a lot of myths shrouding asbestos, and the HSE found that some tradespeople believed them to be true. Opening a window or drinking a glass of water won’t guard you against the negative effects of asbestos, so what will?

The HSE is encouraging a greater awareness of asbestos and wants to ensure tradespeople know exactly what a safe situation is, and what’s not. The HSE have created a new asbestos safety app, which is designed to be easily accessible on phones, tablets and laptops in order to give tradespeople a quick way to diagnose their situation.

Do You Need an Asbestos Survey?

The app asks a host of multiple-choice questions in order to effectively determine whether the job can continue, the type of asbestos they’re likely to be in contact with, whether there’s no asbestos risk, or whether a specialist needs to be called out to conduct an asbestos survey.

Asbestos surveying has never been so important with an average of 20 tradespeople dying every week from asbestos. Asbestos can be concealed in walls, ceilings and building structures, as well as being found in common objects like toilets, floor tiles, boilers and guttering.

Asbestos Surveyors are Keeping Tradespeople Safe

Moreover, asbestos is like a sleeping beast, ready to rear its ugly head at any moment! With small jobs such as drilling holes, sanding or any other general small jobs having the potential to disturb asbestos, the microscopic fibres that are disturbed from general DIY can prove fatal. Any inhalation of the tiny fibres can cause lung disease and cancer—another reason why the HSE want to make tradesmen aware of the risks they face every day.

HSE’s chief inspector for construction said to Professional Electrician magazine: ‘Asbestos is still a very real danger and the survey findings suggest that the people who come into contract with it regularly often don’t know where it could be and worryingly don’t know hot to deal with it correctly which could put them in harm’s way. ‘

If you think you may need an asbestos survey by one of our industry experts, call us on: 07587 554 462 and we’ll discuss the best ways to make your space safe.

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